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The oxaliplatin neuropathy recovery Program

Posted by Casandoem on Minggu, 25 September 2016

The oxaliplatin neuropathy recovery Program

The Neuropathy Recovery Program is a digital book that helps you to reduce the amount of pain you experienced with natural remedies. The program offers two different purchase options, depending on your particular needs.

What is the Neuropathy Recovery Program?
Peripheral neuropathy affects over 20 million people in the United States alone, and it is a disease that interferes with the natural function of the nerves. It can range from mildly impairing sensations, to causing a great amount of pain. There are many different causes to this condition, which includes Coeliac disease, vitamin deficiency, or even a traumatic injury. While most doctors prescribe a medication to handle the pain, you may be able to leave the discomfort behind completely with the Neuropathy Recovery Program.

The Neuropathy Recovery Program is a new remedy that is designed to help reduce nerve damage and pain, which can also reduce your risk of death. The program equips you with �mind-body tools� which help you to activate your body�s natural reparative processes. You will receive access to a variety of different resources, videos, and a support group to help motivate you on your journey.

The website doesn�t expose too many of the secrets to eliminating the damage that has already been caused, but they frequently refer to their method as a �Mind Over Medicine approach.� From the way that the website phrases information, it seems that you are training your brain to be able to rise above the pain. However, they do state that studies in the United States have proven that nerves are capable of repairing themselves through regeneration in the �right environment.�

Risks of Using a Prescription to Handle the Pain
Most of the time, people who are enduring any type of neuropathy are prescribed pain medication to deal with the discomfort associated with this condition. However, pain management only helps to reduce the intensity of the situation, without resolving any of the core issues. By taking a medication instead, you are putting yourself at risk for:
  • A heart attack
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • A greater likelihood of bone fractures
  • A greater likelihood of a drug overdose
  • The inability to learn and retain new information
  • The inability to maintain focus
  • An impaired memory

Basically, you are almost harming your body more by enduring a prescription. Using this natural remedy instead eliminates all of those risks, and actually helps to improve your health.

How the Neuropathy Recovery Program Works?
While the website is noticeably silent about the way that the Neuropathy Recovery Program works, you will learn many skills to help relieve the pain and suffering that comes with this condition. According to the makers of the company, you will learn:
  • How to eliminate the biggest threat to your healing and recovery
  • The best method of eliminating the stress hormones that can make it difficult for your nerves to repair themselves
  • How to reduce your risk of becoming further injured
  • To prevent your body from being at risk for an amputation as a method of preventing cell death and nerve damage
  • To save money on other remedies

The list continues on and on, but the basic idea is that you will be equipped with a new skill set. All of them center around eliminating pain, which is where all of the other problems stem from.

Applying the Neuropathy Recovery Program Each Day
While most of the information about applying the Neuropathy Recovery Program will be found in your digital content, the makers of the program state that the regimen is fairly easy to follow. The guide takes you through each part of the process, one step at a time. You should only need to spend a few minutes on the remedy on a regular basis, and you could see improvement in as little as a few days.

Pricing for the Neuropathy Recovery Program
With so many benefits, you may be wondering how much the Neuropathy Recovery Program is going to cost you. Depending on your needs, you have two different options to choose from, which are the Full Support version or the Self Directed version.

The Full Support version of the program is priced at $247. With your enrollment, you get:
  • Video sessions, plus 10 Quick Action Recovery Guides
  • An e-book titled �Fuel: Boost Nerve Nourishment for Fast Recovery�
  • Access to the support group for the program
  • A guide on how to eliminate pain from your body
  • A video called �Regenerate: Power of Sleep for Chronic Health Relief
The Self-Directed option is little less inclusive, which means that you won�t have the same materials as you would find in a gym. This package is available for $197, and you get:
  • Video sessions, plus 10 Quick Action Recovery Guides
  • An e-book titled �Fuel: Boost Nerve Nourishment for Fast Recovery�
  • Access to the support group for the program
  • Essentially, the only real difference is a few less materials. You can still get the amazing results you want with either program; it�s simply a matter of which one fits your budget and your needs.

Contacting the Makers of the Neuropathy Recovery Program
If you do not enroll in The Neuropathy Recovery Program, it seems that you are unable to reach a customer service representative to answer any questions that come up. Fortunately, once you pay for your program access, you gain six months of access to the Private Neuropathy Recovery Forum, which allows you to ask questions about the program.

Neuropathy Recovery Program Review Conclusion
If you are already on medication for your neuropathy, you should not cease your treatment without prior approval from your physician. Also, if you are experiencing an advanced stage of the condition, you should only use the Neuropathy Recovery Program under their supervision. With such a complicated and painful disease, you need to be careful about the way you treat your body, so the best choice is to create a non-medicinal plan with your doctor.

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