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Forex LST System - The Best Divergence-Based Hybrid Strategy

Posted by Casandoem on Senin, 14 Maret 2016

Forex LST System - The Best Divergence-Based Hybrid Strategy
Fellow traders... We are about to witness what is known as a �game changer� in the industry. Vladimir Ribakov and his team have developed an alert system that is second to none. The Forex LST System incorporates the use of market divergences, combined with candle pattern formations and extreme price tunnel conditions that make this the best hybrid system in the market.
Independent backtesting by six experienced traders have shown this system to be both profitable and very successful. 

But a word of caution - it is not infallible. Some of the signals will not be successful. If you are the type of trader that cannot handle occasional losses, please DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. It is only realistic - all professional traders know that you cannot win them all... So if you are looking for that kind of system, I wish you luck.

The reality is that trading divergences alone is not enough. And trading candle patterns alone, isn�t enough either. And trading price peaks outside of an ATR price channel can be unsuccessful as well. But when you combine all three into one alert system like the Forex LST System, you are in effect putting your trades by a custom THREE FILTER PROCESS that in fact increases your chances of a good trade exponentially. 

The team has devised and fine tuned this alert system with the ideal settings: all divergences are looked at, but only the extreme ones are marked on your chart, based on the very specific divergence parameters. Then they added the custom candle pattern formations indicator, where not all candle patterns are displayed, just the more reliable ones, based on where they occur within the price action. And finally, once all these conditions are met, and the system determines you have a good entry, it will display a price channel by which you will determine, based on where the channel tells you where price is likely to go, if your risk-reward ratio is at least 2:1 and you should take the trade.

Anyone knows that Vladimir is an expert trader and educator when it comes to divergences. It wasn�t enough for him to have the best divergence based alert system in the market. So he �sweetened the pot�. So to complete the package and to leave no doubt that it IS the best divergence based hybrid system ever made, Vlad and his team have included - at no additional cost to you- a simulator EA that runs on your MT4 strategy tester�s feature. With this EA you will be able to familiarize yourself with the strategy and the indicator, learn how to spot the best trades to maximize your profit potential in record time and doing it all before risking a real dime in the market.

This system was built with the beginner trader in mind, but is elaborate enough even for the most advanced trader. Not only will it make you money if traded by the rules of the system, but it will also give you an invaluable education along the way.

And after you purchase it, the level of support you will get from Vlad�s team will give you the comfort level you need to start making money in this business.


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