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5-Step Guide To Fighting Debt, Foreclosure And Eviction

Posted by Casandoem on Jumat, 10 Oktober 2014

5-step guide to fighting debt
You don't have to drown under Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction. As a consumer you have rights to prevent, fight, and even eliminate all of the above using nothing but the law and your rights within it. This is the guide that Debt Collectors, Lenders, and Landlords pray that you'll never read.

Steps. We celebrate a child’s first steps — and we should. It represents the beginning of that child’s independence. Getting from point A to point B by themselves, feeding themselves, using the bathroom by themselves, etc.

However, most believe we only take those “first steps” once in our life. Not true. When it comes to any goal or desire that we may have, we must take those “first steps” to get to it.

The hardest part for a toddler when trying to take their first steps is that it goes against everything they’ve experienced up to that point.

They’ve always been carried. Whether in a stroller or in their parent’s arms. Therefore, just the thought of them being able to “carry themselves” is confusing, and perhaps even scary.

When facing Debt, Foreclosure, or Eviction — We as adults run into the same dilemma. We want to do something about it, but we may be confused or scared — and we have always been told that we need someone else to help us in these matters. A Lawyer, a paralegal, etc.

But just like a toddler won’t always need a stroller, we don’t always need an attorney to help us fight back against Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction...Read More Detail

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