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The people's chemist secret health files

Posted by Casandoem on Kamis, 06 Maret 2014

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Sorry about the alarming, perhaps offensive, nature of the headline, but some things must be said. This isn't a populartiy contest for me. It's a live young contest and I want you to win! So, I'm just gonna tell you how it really is...

To wit, few people are aware of the above cancer busting flavones. Yet, the natural form could be used safely as the first line of defense for about $10 per month - Solaray provides cancer fighting flavones to help you live longer without trading health for wealth! The drug industry thinks you're not smart enough to understand the innerworkings of the pharmaceutical scam - which keeps these natural cure findings private, while hoodwinking you into using dangerous prescriptions.

They are a web of "enablers" that preserve a wildy profitable but deadly business model. They are "Physician Fat Cats" who obey prescribing orders handed down by pretty drug reps. They are government agencies who obey a pharmaceutically compliant congress and use our tax dollars to drug innocent children and elderly. They are the chemists who obey their pharmaceutical masters and design drugs that mask symptoms but don't treat the cause. And I used to be one of them... The "Hokey Pokey" effect has taken grip, and no matter how ridiculous the charade, millions are taking part in it at the expense of your health and wealth!

The next few minutes will expose you to highly sensitive information that will make some people mad...

...If you are not dedicated to taking charge of your own health naturally you should NOT read any further, seriously!

I'm about to reveal shocking news...

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