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Solar sales career trainingeasy. Affordable. Effective! - sell solar now!

Posted by Casandoem on Minggu, 09 Maret 2014

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Where else can you find solar training for this price? We offer a FULL refund if you aren't 100% satisfied!

Sell Solar Now is a  detailed sales manual and a gateway for the average person (without an engineering degree or contracting license) to begin a career in the up-and-coming Solar Industry. It began as a Training Manual for a solar company. It trains YOU to Sell Solar!

This is what other Beginning Solar Sales Training will cost you, roughly, and very conservatively, depending on your job, your travel distance, etc. Investigate if you don’t believe me! (Our company once trained people this way until we found it a rip-off and begin training ourselves!) Two Days off of work (usually classes are on weekdays)              $240 Two tanks of gas to drive there (assuming you don’t have to fly)                                                                 $90 Two nights at a cheap motel                                                                             $90 Cost of a CHEAP sales class tuition                                                            $595 _____________________________________________________________                                                  TOTAL WASTED               $1,015 This E-book sold easily at $47 but today it is yours PLUS A BONUS GIVEAWAY For Only $34.99!!!!

Author's Credentials - 8+ Years in the Electrical Generation /Distribution and  Solar (Photovoltaic) Industry -Attended Nation-Wide Solar Industry Conferences to share Knowledge from other Leaders and Experts - Delivered Solar Sales Presentations to numerous City Government leaders -Began a Solar Training Course that developed into a successful E-book and subsequently other books -Entered hundreds of homes giving presentations and estimated, quoted and closed solar deals - "Graduated" from several "Solar Training" programs both in person and online - Publicly Educated hundreds of Solar Enthusiasts through speaking engagements -Invited to teach a local adult continuing education class -Ran booths at countless Green Shows...

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