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Pitch - do i have cancer?

Posted by Casandoem on Kamis, 27 Februari 2014

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I have a headache and feel sick, do I have a brain tumor? What is mesothelioma? How do I know my mole is not melanoma? My testis feels lumpy, is it cancer? My breasts are sore, is it sign of cancer?  I coughed out blood, what do I do to make sure it is not cancer? Can I catch cancer? Can I have sex when I have cancer or getting treatment for it? Is cancer sexually transmitted? How is cancer diagnosed? Whom do I talk to?

Who do not have these questions and do not worry about it almost every day? All these are universal worries. And obviously the first thing anybody does is consult ‘Dr Google’. Then you search, and search and search and…Do you get your answers? How many websites do you visit? And if you come across a website sounding medical, can you understand the medical jargon and terminologies? Or do you land up reading a lot on viagra or ‘omni cure pills’ instead?

Well, if you are serious about getting right information on cancer  ‘DO I HAVE CANCER?’ is all you need. This 250 page ebook describes the signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of over 50 common cancers in a simple and systematic language. For easy reading, it is divided into different sections like female and male cancers, blood cancers and other cancers.

Besides cancer itself, it also addresses issues like cancer and sexuality, psychological issues in cancer patients, complimentary and palliative care, euthanasia, lifestyle changes, early detection and screening of cancer, cancer in children, pregnant women and HIV/AIDS patients, family cancers and genetic tests and many other issues particularly important to cancer patients and their...

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