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How to become a professional wrestler advice interviews - how to become a pro wrestler

Posted by Casandoem on Rabu, 05 Februari 2014

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*** Be sure to check your e-mail to get the link for the interview with Rob Van Dam about how he became a pro wrestler and the advice he gives to those who want to become professional wrestlers **

To thank Rob for his willingness to give an interview over an hour long on the topic of what he would say to anyone who wants to become a professional wrestler, please support Rob with his projects.  First, you can order RVD autographs, t-shirts and more here:  RVD Store

Have you ever dreamed about your possible wrestling persona, entrance music, and outfit?  You possibly even have thought about your catchphrase or finishing move.

If so, then chances are you have spent time online looking up information about wrestling.  Maybe you even got the number of your local wrestling school.  And maybe you even have gone to a local pro wrestling event and tried to talk with the wrestlers after the show.

As a wrestling fan, you even might have watched the “shoot videos” of wrestlers talking about the politics of the business and the long hours spent on the road.

Odds are that you would love to sit down with an accomplished professional wrestler. You would want pick his brains over dinner about what next steps you should take to enter the pro wrestling business.

… you probably are not sure how to meet any heavyweight champion or world tag team champion wrestlers and ask them about how you can join the wrestling industry and the realities of the business.

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