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Gcm endurance - get fast, get fit get strong

Posted by Casandoem on Sabtu, 01 Februari 2014

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I signed up with Coach Greg to tackle my first Ironman. I had been racing for 2 years but had hit a wall with speed and distance. My program and the constant coaching got me through that wall, and brought me to exactly where I needed to be on race day. I finished IM Lake Placid and met my goals thanks to Coach Greg..

My goal for my first Ironman was to finish under the 17 hour limit. I finished in 13:46:08. That could not have been done without a proper training plan that ramped me up appropriately and ended with a perfectly timed taper. If I ever do an Ironman again, I would definitely work with Greg again.

Just wanted to say Thank You once again for all your helpful tips and advice, as they were invaluable to me today. For me to participate in my 1st Tri and finish in 2:31:44 despite meeting you less than 2 weeks ago & spending over 9 minutes in 'transition' is very encouraging ! I am thrilled with the way things went this morning, esp the swim, which I completed in 17 minutes... my new wetsuit and the fast current proved to be a powerful combination. Overall, it was a wonderful experience that clearly would not have been possible without me heeding sound advice from guys like yourself who have been there before. Looking forward to connecting soon.

I've dreamed of doing an Ironman since the days of Dave Scott and Mark Allen, when I did my first triathlon back in the 80s. Unfortunately, things went downhill from my first triathlon and I spent the next 20 years trying to meet that...

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