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Essential tea guide — the essential tea guide

Posted by Casandoem on Selasa, 25 Februari 2014

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With over 100,000 words of content, and over a year in the making, I believe that this is the World’s most comprehensive guide to the benefits of teas and herbal teas. If you want a natural way to enjoy life, and help specific health issues at the same time, then this book is for you.

Learn about where each of the teas come from, and how they have been used to help everything from weightloss to migraine relief.

While there is often anecdotal evidence supporting the benefits of many herbal teas, what has been scientifically proven?

Learn what teas are best for a wide variety of ailments, so that you can start to find relief in a natural and enjoyable way.

I’ve bought ebooks and guides before, where you read them once, and never read them again. This is not one of those books! This guide is kind of like your favorite tea, to be enjoyed and tasted time and time again throughout the course of your life. We will all suffer a variety of health issues throughout our life, and having a “go to” guide that will help accurately direct you to which natural remedies can give you the most relief is essential.

It’s important to remember that most natural remedies come from herbs, and although there are different ways to use them, drinking tea is one of the best ways (probably the best way) to absorb those nutrients to get the greatest benefit. This is why the Essential Tea Guide belongs on everyone’s bookshelf (or virtual bookshelf), whether you are a tea aficionado...

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