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Posted by Casandoem on Minggu, 02 Februari 2014

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We both know that while surfing is indeed the coolest and most fun sport, it is also a very demanding form of physical activity, requiring muscle strength, endurance, balance and total body fitness.

I don’t know about you, but there are so many aspects to learn and it can be at times very confusing! From personal experience, I know that it is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. Strength workouts, endurance training, nutrition, flexibility exercises, pre- and post-workout routines, core exercises, cardio… It can get frustrating at times and take a lot of time and effort to digest it all and find out the correct and most efficient way to train.

It took me and my team at Easy Surfing Fitness a long time to discover what strategies work and what just sucks time and money. I am sure you can relate!

All that frustration I feeling is why we here at Easy Surfing Fitness so excited to share our surf fitness blueprint with you!

Well, if any this sounds good to you, we’d love to share more with you and invite you to become a VIP member.

Now this program is not free, but consider how much this small investment can improve your surfing and your life in general. For a price of less than one pair of new board shorts, you will feel more energy, feel more power and will enjoy your surf sessions on a much bigger scale. Whether you are preparing for your yearly surf trip and want to be in the best shape of your life or...

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