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Desperate to feel ‘normal’ again?

Posted by Casandoem on Senin, 03 Februari 2014

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Completing the Jigsaw is Dr Claire Bowen’s ultimate guide to dealing with these complex conditions holistically, via The Five Steps to Health. Written in an easy-to-understand style, this E-book provides a wealth of information and resources about Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue, useful for anyone trying to improve their own health or working with others to improve their health.

With long experience of M.E / CFS and Fibromyalgia symptoms, having tried seemingly endless different treatments, therapies and ‘cures’ (and spent many £thousands in the process), Dr Claire Bowen finally found a combination approach that really worked and recovered to excellent health. Following the guidelines laid out in this book, Dr Claire has helped many others benefit too, using the same formula. the aim of this e-book is to offer patients and practitioners alike, the tools and knowledge to gain greater control over disease and wellness, thereby giving every individual the chance to live the life they really want!

 To purchase a copy of Dr Claire’s M.E. Recovery Manual for just £8.25 (plus VAT) – with immediate download available, click on the image below:

To view the pdf e-book, which will be immediately accessible after payment, you will require Adobe Reader or equivalent software. To download Adobe Reader click here:  

Disclaimer: This website and the services offered herewith are not offered in place of general medical care, and certainly not for acute or emergency medical problems. Due to the non-immediate and remote nature of the service, if in any doubt, please consult your GP.

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