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3 steps to eating spiritually using the science of numerology

Posted by Casandoem on Sabtu, 01 Februari 2014

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Did you know that there is a simple, fool-proof way to determine the foods your life path number should be eating daily—and that these foods not only balance your spirit's vibrations with the energy of All…they also can boost your health, energy, and even restore your ideal body weight?

This is the newest form of Numerology Science, adapted to the oldest, wisest way to eat. Eating spiritually has been a practice of many truth-seekers throughout the ages. Yet, today, many well-intentioned seekers adopt what sounds like a “spiritual” diet.

Perhaps they go vegan or vegetarian (and for some, this is good). Perhaps they try to abstain from food, or fast on certain days.

We have found a better way—and the discovery AndrĂ©a, Melissa and I made a few years ago that led us down this wondrous path of spiritual and universal Enlightenment, has become the “next thing” in Numerology.

While we never intended to have such a massive impact on Numerology adherents, the Truth just has a way of seeping out. The Universe is a wonderful conduit of all that is Real. And today, we’re thrilled to share this new discovery in the world of Numerology with you.

We’ve taught this new method of spiritual eating using numerology as your guide to countless men and women since its discovery, and it always begins with these 3 key principles you must embrace in order to align yourself with the foods that align YOU to the Universal Source.

That said, we have to lovingly caution you: What you are about to hear may go against all the conventional diet advice you’ve been hearing. For instance, you may be surprised to discover that broccoli is not healthy for YOU. It may be perfectly healthy for someone of another life path number, but YOUR number is not aligned with eating broccoli.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? We would not have believed it ourselves if it wasn't for the consistent, life-altering results we've seen since our discovery.

Those benefits begin with the simple task of discovering your Universal Number. For those of you familiar with Numerology, this is almost identical to your Life Path Number (in fact, we use the terms interchangeably.)

However, there are key differences. There are only 9 universal numbers (11 life path numbers), and everyone on the planet can easily find out what their universal number is by using the formula you'll soon discover…

The methods used to do this—the diet plans and foods—have, up until today, been based on tradition, beliefs, and a fair bit of guesswork. There has never been a way to determine exactly how and what you should eat to connect spiritually to the Universe…until now.

This incredibly unique and powerful method of eating spiritually, which we'll cover on the next page in detail, allows for a much stronger alignment with what we call Universal Vibration. This is simply the specific vibrational energy patterns of the Universe that affect us all in unique and specific ways.

The wonderful news for most food lovers (and we are definitely in that category!) is that this is not about permanent deprivation. Permanent deprivation rarely if ever works, even for the most spiritually committed individual.

You have no-doubt seen how weight loss diets that demand radical lifestyle shifts and removal of entire groups of foods (like certain carbohydrates, fats, and even proteins) rarely if ever work.

What we've learned is once you accept the foods that generate the highest vibrational energy into your life, and reduce the foods that block these vibrational patterns, life begins to open up like a flower opens to the...

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