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Transverse styles - IPS Themes & IPB Skins for Invision Board

Posted by Casandoem on Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

IPS Themes & IPB Skins for Invision Board
Novera incorporates versatile design elements plus creative features that are plain to see. We have taken the time to customize many of the default images to enhance the experience. Grab it while it’s hot and be the first on your block with the cool new skin! Comes with two color variations - Red and Blue!

vRocking tops the charts here as one of our most popular. We can see why with it's great graphics, unique layout and custom flash header...we're sure you'll agree it's one of the best skins available anywhere!

Looking for a smashing gaming skin? You will want to check out this beauty! Based on the popular Halo for the XBox, Covenant is sure to impress and available now.

Azel is a light design with modern effects and tasteful color combination's. This is a design that is certain to please members and visitors alike!

Redrunner is one sick skin! Customized IPB Skin from top to bottom all the way down to customized IM icons to match the skin. We know you're gonna love this one!

Dark yet colorful. A customizable sidebar and header with links for all your game genre's or ladders...or anything you want to go there. We're sure you'll agree this is one wicked skin!

A dark design with blue, red and green highlights. Stuffed with custom images and design features such as rollovers on the header navigation buttons. Truly a perfect style for a gaming or clan site.... Read More Detail

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