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Sugar cravings, diana walker, cravings coach, cravings for junk food, carb craving - craving secrets

Posted by Casandoem on Minggu, 19 Januari 2014

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Did you know that a seemingly harmless craving for a favourite food or drink could be sabotaging your physical and mental health?

It’s easy to think that these foods and drinks are just HELPING us to get through the day, but they are, in fact, harming us. Our bodies become reliant upon the same foods that we depend on to give us energy. They no longer work, and instead require you to consume more for a fraction of the effect.

. . . can lead to deterioration of our physical and mental health. At first it may show as some unwanted pounds and lowered self-esteem, but this can quickly turn into a vicious cycle, leading to more serious health problems like: digestive problems, hypoglycemia, obesity, diabetes, depression, toxic liver, high blood pressure.

My friend Trish has been battling cravings for some time and her story is a frustrating but common one.

Trish is a great mom to two kids and works hard. She takes care of her family first, staying up late doing laundry, getting up early in the morning to take care of the kids. Genuinely, she’s like a lot of moms who are juggling too much.

She starts every morning with a big cup of coffee with flavored creamer. She chugs the coffee while she packs school lunches and wrestles shoes on her kids.

She then hops in her car and drives the kids to school. Kisses them and heads to Starbucks for another cup of coffee — but this one is loaded with syrup and whipped cream.

For lunch, she’s running errands and grabs a fast food meal (loaded with sugar, fat, and chemicals), or swings by her house for an instant microwave meal (filled with sodium and preservatives).

A few hours later, she chugs a Diet Soda in order to stay energized and heads out to pick up the kids.

She then runs to karate and soccer practice, perhaps grabbing one last diet soda to keep up the pace. Her kids ask for a drink of her Diet Soda and she says “No, it’s bad for you.” And, even she sees the irony in this statement.

After dinner, she tucks in the kids and plops down in front of the TV with a bottle of red wine — to help her relax after a long day.

While she brushes her teeth that night, she looks at herself in the mirror, thinking about how bad her skin looks, how much weight she’s gained, and how she knows she’s not taking good enough care of herself.

She climbs into bed, promising herself that that next day will be different — even though she’s made that same promise every night for months. She falls asleep, feeling like a failure for not being able to eat healthier and guilty for not taking better care of herself.

Thousands of women are on the endless cycle of “being good” and then “falling off the wagon”.

Thousands more just never even get a chance to “be good” in the first place because they are too busy to even TRY.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll find the help you need in my ebook “Craving Secrets.”

After years of working with women to help them beat their cravings, I’ve taken what I’ve learned and compiled it into 1 guide.

Of course, I’m not claiming to cure any of the diseases listed above, but I can give you tips to STOP giving into your cravings – and lead a healthier life where you control...

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