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Start a home cleaning business in 24 hours

Posted by Casandoem on Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

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Do you know…exactly…how to get your first 5 customers?  What to charge?  How to clean ANYTHING?  How to organize?  How to estimate, bid, and invoice?  We’ve spoken to home cleaners, done the research, and HAVE THE ANSWERS.  Read on…

House cleaning is a SIMPLE and CHEAP business to get started. This guide GUARANTEES your success in the home cleaning industry! For just $19 you get:

A website ALONE is $200+. Flyer design? $85. Craigslist ad? $100. What about the COST of “trial and error” while on the job? This $19 investment includes over $400 in professional marketing tools, and hours of technical training and marketing advice from REAL home cleaners.  Making mistakes is EXPENSIVE.  Professional flyer/website designers are EXPENSIVE.  For just $19…does this investment make sense for you?

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