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Sarcoidosis - chinese healing secrets

Posted by Casandoem on Minggu, 19 Januari 2014

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"For a long time it's a known fact that almost nobody gets heart disease in China. After years of research, scientists found their answers to why this happens in Omega 3.

It is also a known fact that almost nobody gets sarcoidosis in China. This book finally discloses what are the healing agents that can do the same for sarcoidosis that Omega 3 is doing for heart disease."

My name is Abe Hsieh. The hair on my head was still black when I first started working on sarcoidosis and helping people beat this horrible disease. Since that time, I am proud to have helped 1000s heal sarcoidosis, regain their health completely and continue with their lives like sarcoidosis never happened.

I have been a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner for 37 years and I am working exclusively with sarcoidosis for over 25 years now. In this time, I strongly believe that I have found precise reasons why Chinese people almost never get sarcoidosis (it is over 1,200% less frequent according to my data).

The fact that you have reached this page means that it is very likely that you or somebody you care for is suffering from this potentially deadly disease.

Are you ashamed to be seen on the street because of your rash or you are afraid that at any time a rash may appear and disfigure your face?

If you can recognize yourself in any of the questions above, then getting to this page will change your life. I guarantee that !

Please don't leave this page...

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