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Posted by Casandoem on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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You know you need to build a mailing list, but enticing readers to sign up can seem like an impossible task. That upper right corner placement and a valuable offer simply don't work any more. Here's why:

Visitors have become so "ad blind" and their attention span is so short that if you don't grab them instantly with something new and different, they're likely to click away - often never to be seen again.

Now, I'm not going to tell you that these aggressive tactics don't work. If you've tried them, then you know that a well-timed pop-up can increase your opt-in rate.

They can also annoy the pants off your audience, if you're not careful. The last thing you want to do is force your visitors to close a pop-up on every single page she visits. Yet that's just what some of these tools do.

And that's just for opt-ins. There are other legitimate reasons to use a pop-up as well, but none of the readily available plugins have the ability to:

All of those things, at one time or other, are equally important for growing your audience and your business, but the creators of pop-up plugins virtually ignore these and other uses, and focus solely on opt-in forms. Leaving you with only one option...

And if you've worked with WordPress for longer than a week or so, you know this is never a good idea. It can introduce a host of problems, such as:

Wouldn't a better solution be...

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