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Posted by Casandoem on Sabtu, 04 Januari 2014

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Simple. Every section in the book is there because you asked for it. Well, maybe not "you" personally. Everything comes from real questions. Questions from people who want to improve their game play. And have lots of fun doing it!

OGame Tips was created, and people like you visited it and left me your most pressing questions on playing OGame.

Then I answered them! Some of those tips are available on the main website. The best ones are outlined in the Strategy Guide.

From how to fleet crash... to what items research you'll need for different buildings... to how to make raid without retaliation ... to how to join or start an Alliance. From where to find the best farming planets ... to how to build raiding (or turtle) skills quickly!

Your purchase will be made through ClickBank.com's secure web servers. You can pay via Credit Card, or PayPal. The cost? Only $14.95 USD.

Once your credit card is cleared by ClickBank, please remember to click on the link which reads "CLICK ONCE TO PAY NOW...". You'll have full access just seconds after your credit card is approved in real-time.

OGame Tips Strategy Guide comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee! Read the E-book risk-free.   If you feel that the information and strategies won't be helpful to you, I'll cheerfully refund your money!

I realize I'm going out on a huge limb here. And yes, there are probably people out there who will take advantage of me and use this...

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