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Motivation for weight loss - innermind science

Posted by Casandoem on Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

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Is it impacting your confidence or stopping you from getting the job or relationship you really need?

Perhaps you already have great relationships but your weight is impacting your love making, or the time you spend with the people you care about and let’s not talk about that small voice whispering your weight is cutting years off your life, putting too much stress on your blood pressure and your heart.

How many exercise DVDs, CDs and exercise ‘torture devices’ are gathering dust in the hidden corners of your home, nagging reminders of all the times you’ve tried and failed to achieve the weight you want?

If you have spent crazy amounts of time and money while depriving yourself of all the foods you love to eat and you’re still not the weight you want, perhaps its time to discover the truth?

Although this will come as no surprise because you already know it…successfully losing weight starts first and foremost with getting the right mindset. You knew that, we all do, but somehow it gets ignored by us all until we get truly desperate to find a solution.

Its true – like with most goals in life, if your mind isn’t right then you have already failed, no matter how much you want it, no matter how much failure is hurting you, or how much you spend on that new wonder pill, DVD course or sweaty spin class.

And deep down – you probably knew all along that you wouldn’t be able to break the cycle until you got the right mindset, the mindset of weight management success.

If this sounds familiar then your ability to lose the weight you want needs to start with getting the right mindset, with achieving a calm, a control, a center so you can let that exercise or diet work for you as it should.

You need to get your mindset right so you don’t self sabotage yourself. Because, that’s what you do, deep down, you sabotage your own success. You stop yourself from achieving what you want and it doesn’t matter how many sit ups or sticks of celery you eat, unless you tackle that, you won’t achieve the life you want, with your job or with loved ones.

You’re hitting Google hard, diving into every site, looking for the solution for what seems like a problem without a real solution, willing to try one more time, when you know, if you just stop for a moment, that the solution will ultimately come from inside of you.

…people who stumbled across a way to get the right mindset to achieve the body they wanted, the body you want. 

At first glance perhaps it seemed too untried, untested and just plain weird a method to them…but after more research, they discovered this solution had legitimate studies to back it up – studies by some pretty well regarded people.

Studies from Professors, Doctors and medical journals – (…at the bottom of the page there’s a link to a Wikipedia article where you can check out all the articles yourself…)

These professors claimed that there was a solution which would help people achieve the mindset they needed to stop self sabotaging, the solution was via a science called ‘audio harmonics’ or for regular people like you and me – people could gain real benefits using “sound” to help reduce anxiety and achieve the right mindset.

Now maybe you’ve heard that music has been used as medical therapy but perhaps you never looked into it.

Can you get the right mindset for success with your weight by relaxing, taking...

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