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HOW TO WIN When Your Mate Cheats - Dr.Gilda Carle

Posted by Casandoem on Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

HOW TO WIN When Your Mate Cheats
HOW TO WIN When Your Mate Cheats - Dr. Gilda Carle (Ph.D.) is a Relationship Expert, Media Personality, Author, Professor, Columnist, Management Consultant. She has been MTV Online's Love Doc, and Spokesperson for Harlequin Books, Hallmark Cards, Galderma Pharmaceuticals, Lavalife.com, and Match.com. She is also Match.com's "Ask Dr. Gilda" advice columnist, which appears on MSN.com. She is currently developing several TV shows.

You can feel better, respond calmly and wisely, and enhance the outcome of your relationship and your life--NOW!

"In the years Dr. Gilda Carle counseled guests on my show, her practical advice and vibrant personality endeared her to millions of viewers. She's the best in the business." 

Robin Quivers:     "And you always give good advice on these talk shows I've seen you on."

Most people take their mate's cheating personally by wondering what THEY did wrong. They ask, "Why am I no longer desirable?" And they allow rejection to lower their self-esteem. When they contact me, most betrayed people say they "don't know what to do." THIS PROGRAM SHOWS YOU WHAT TO DO -- AND HOW TO WIN WHEN YOU DO IT!

If you're suffering, and you blame yourself for something, anything, or everything, STOP! Even Hollywood beauties and heartthrobs are betrayed. Uma Thurman had no idea her husband, Ethan Hawke, was bonking their babysitter. They divorced, but the cheaters remained entwined, unmarried, and pregnant - which Uma must face forever, since she has children with Hawke. Valerie Bertanelli admitted she cheated on her hot rocker, Eddie Van Halen, during their marriage, despite his star appeal and their red carpet life. These are just two...Read More Detail

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