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Horoscope : abastrology is provided by sophie de st preux and francois de st merry

Posted by Casandoem on Jumat, 31 Januari 2014

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YES ! on this VERY SPECIAL DAY OF PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER, I want, to benefit from ALL OF THE POSITIVE ACTIONS that you shall be performing in the secret place.

You and all of the world’s greatest clairvoyants, mediums, shamans, druids and the enlightened will come together to draw on THE POSITIVE FORCE OF 777, and diffuse this energy to certain people chosen by them. Because, during this all too brief period of 24 hours in mankind’s history, ALL OF THE COSMIC AND MYSTICAL FORCES OF THE UNIVERSE WILL BE MULTIPLIED.

YES, I will be one of those extremely rare non-initiated people TO PROFIT FROM ITS POSITIVE AND BENEFICIAL POWER :

During those UNIQUE 24 HOURS,  You will work extensively on MY 777 TALISMAN, RENDERING IT EXTREMELY POWERFUL … My talisman will bring my presence close to you during all of your ceremonies.

As soon as you return FROM YOUR CEREMONIES, you will immediately send me MY VERY POWERFUL 777 TALISMAN so that I can benefit from ALL OF ITS POWERS as soon as possible. You will also send me a confidential email to reveal the contents of MY VERY POWERFUL 777 TALISMAN, which will show me how to use it to maximum effect

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