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Healthy for life university - turn-key preventative health education

Posted by Casandoem on Sabtu, 25 Januari 2014

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Without good health, it is nearly impossible to achieve your goals. Good news! Your body was created to be well and to heal itself!

The key to prevention is to learn how to live today before our daily behaviors and choices cause us disease tomorrow.

Healthy for Life University teaches the keys to preventing and reversing costly health problems for good. Get started today!

Healthy for Life University is a foundational, complete lifestyle and health education course. Healthy for Life University is specifically designed to help you develop a step-by-step lifestyle plan to accomplish everything you want in your health. This course will help everyone, no matter where you are in your health, to reduce your dependency on medications and take control of your health.

This course has 12 lessons that are designed to be completed over a 12-week period. The lessons are available to listen to or watch online, or download to your iPod!

Course Workbook Beautiful, full-color guide that walks you through the steps to becoming healthy for life.

Premium Online Membership Online access to lesson video and audio library for all 12 lessons, Q&A footage and comprehensive recipe database.

Lesson 1 — The Awakening Learn important, awe-inspiring facts about the complex and wildly intelligent human body. Your knowledge of these scientific discoveries will change the way you think about the body and have created countless "ah-hah moments" for individuals and families we have worked with in the past. This lesson will blow your mind!

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