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Guided meditation downloads for relaxation and healing

Posted by Casandoem on Sabtu, 04 Januari 2014

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"My son (and I) love The Healing Waterfall and Lightbeing. It has eased him into a gentle sleep on many occassions as well as introduced him to meditation. I am forever grateful." “I listen every day to your Healing Waterfall II. This has added to my light and peace.” "I wanted to tell you that I purchased the Waterfalls series many years ago and absolutely loved them. I haven't listened to them for some time and then began doing so before bed and remembered how much peace they give me. I purchased 6 Guided meditations from you last night and started on them and they are wonderful. You have a beautiful gift. Thank you for producing such high quality meditations!" "Very Calming Guided Meditation. About two months ago I started having vivid nightmares almost every night. There is nothing especially new in my life - so I attributed the nightmares to my very stressful job as a charge nurse in a busy critical care unit. I have had the practice of praying and meditating at night for quite some time - but I recently added listening to one of your guided meditations (usually The Healing Well) before I drift off to sleep. I can say that I have had much improved sleep and less frequent nightmares since. I find your music very soothing and the meditations to be spiritually uplifting. Thanks for your work!" "PRICELESS INVESTMENT! I own many guided meditation and imagery CDs, several of which are by Max Highstein. Interestingly, I have found that the majority of my favorites are produced by Max... the extremely soothing music combined with the equally calming narration helps reduce my life stresses tremendously! Furthermore, I am unfortunately dealing with chronic pain from a bad motorcycle accident years ago, and I find that his CDs, especially "The Healing Well" soothes my mind and subsquently decreases the level of my pain. I highly recommend "The Healing Well" (his other CDs too!) for anyone like me dealing with life stress and/or chronic pain. A great investment, and absolutely invaluable for the mind and soul!

Above are just a few of the HUNDREDS of customer "thank-you's" we've received over the years. You are all very welcome!

FREE GUIDED MEDITATION Enjoy this relaxing, healing meditation as our guest. Harmonize your life with love!

We've been in the business of making guided meditations for over 30 years! We've sold well over 100,000 copies of our recordings in cassette and CD form, and now in downloads. And we've helped and been thanked by many, many people over the years! Our founder, Max Highstein, has created dozens of guided meditations, always of the highest quality. Need to know more? Email us.

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