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Posted by Casandoem on Selasa, 21 Januari 2014

Fitness and Nutrition Library
Fitness and Nutrition Library - Hi, I’ve been a fitness and health professional for over ten years. In this time I have worked with many clients, helping them achieve their weight loss and fitness goals and achieve better health. Often we had to adjust and revise and re-adjust and revise again until we found the perfect exercise, the perfect food, and the perfect approach for them.

But this is not just based on my work with my clients, it’s also based on my own journey. Many years I have been over weight and out of shape. A lot of the regular approaches haven’t worked for me, but with time I have found a perfect balance between food and exercise and setting myself up for a sustainable lifestyle that still allows me to enjoy real food without losing sight of my health goals!

Now You will benefit from my experience! I have  decided to share everything I gathered and collected over the years, all of it, with you.

You also get “Gluten Free Treats & Desserts – 22 Mouth Watering & Guilt-Free Treats!” as a Bonus. 16 Health and Fitness Professionals put in their favourite recipes to give you Healthy Gluten Free Options to satisfy your sweet tooth!

These resources are not only beautifully made, they also contain REAL information that can help you live a happier, more balanced life!

You can use what you find here to create an effective workout routine right at home, create a fat burning food plan, make healthy and delicious desserts for yourself and your family, and create a life that is less stressful then you imagined!

This purchase gives you lifetime access to these eBooks, but also to any and all new resources in the future to come!...Read More Detail

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