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Finally organized, finally free for the home

Posted by Casandoem on Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

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Over the years I have bought numerous books on paper clutter and how to get organized, but I really like your style of writing and presentation in your Finally Organized, Finally Free series. It's simple, not overwhelming, and covers such a wide variety of topics. The helpful ideas and pictures add interest to the pages. AND, since I have the digital version, I feel more comfortable using a highlighter to mark certain points on my printout. Thanks so much! Debra Handsman West Orange, NJ

Teeny-Tiny Tips Equal Big Changes! For some reason, people equate being organized to achieving an enormous and impossible feat. Something that only some lucky people are capable of having. One woman once told me that she felt she'd be more likely to succeed at climbing Mount Everest than to succeed at getting rid of the clutter in her living room. In her mind, she was only half joking. She really believed that getting organized wasn't something she could ever do. If your thinking is not far from this, let me ease your mind. Being organized does not require you to perform time- consuming, complicated systems. It is not rocket science. It is not something that's going to take you years of soul-searching to start. It's not something that only some lucky people are capable of having. Just a few small organizing tips--a few little, teeny-tiny tips, applied with a positive attitude, can help you be more organized today, than you were yesterday. As you are able to apply tiny organizing tips to your life, and those teeny tips become habits that you do each day, you will be more and more organized. Your goal should never be to get totally organized--that's an overwhelming, difficult, frightening...

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