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Custom self hypnosis mp3

Posted by Casandoem on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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Please allow my self hypnosis software to create the perfect custom hypnosis for you at the astonishingly low cost of $14.99 complete.

Your hypnosis has two main parts, guided imagery induction and suggestion. Guided imagery helps you to achieve the state of hypnosis. Suggestions are the ideas you want to help you reach your goal. When you use HypnoSoft, you first choose the imagery you think you'd enjoy the most. Your choices will be included in the hypnotic induction part of the mp3. Then, you'll choose one of these prepared hypnosis topics, or your can make a completely custom topic, or you can include BOTH the prepared topic and your custom topic at no extra charge!

Actual Quotes from the HypnoSoft Inbox... "Thank you for this wonderful service! Having a personalized hypnosis is a wonderful thing. Thank you for all the options and the flexibility in helping me create a hypnosis that I feel most comfortable with." "...Outstanding...I actually really enjoy the automated voice. Having been a hypnotherapist I believe it might even help with that little added bit of overload needed to go a bit deeper with the relaxation. I especially love the ability to add the comfort items to the relaxation script. Your product is definitely unique and I believe will be a great help. I'll certainly be back for more. Thanks again Richard." "...I just wanted to let you know that the custom hypnosis mp3's are a godsend...I looked everywhere online and could not find anything that was as customized a program as I needed; in addition the costs for a customized tape was between 100 to 300 dollars!!!. Finally I found your site. I have been listening to my custom hypnosis...

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