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Coping with grief

Posted by Casandoem on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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Four years ago my grief nearly destroyed my family and drove my friends away. But I found an answer. Here is my story...

If you are reading this, just like me, you are hurting, you're lost and confused about why you react the way you do and why everyone else expects you to do this that or the other or just to "get over it". Sometimes it makes you feel like you're going crazy, or that you are not trying hard enough.

I was really lost and whilst I knew that crying was not going to solve anything, to begin with I just couldn't stop. My name is Penny - let me explain where all those tears came from and how I found a way to get past that, and go on with my life.

After the death of my mother a few years ago I found myself struggling to deal with my grief, and that of my father. I am an only child, so dealing with everything fell to me. My mother was the one who managed things, did the paperwork, dealt with the bills and all of the daily practical aspects of life. So there I was filled with my own grief at her loss, but expected to deal with the legals, arrange the funeral, deal with arranging support for my father, and try to make sure that all of the mandatory things were done.

It was two days before Christmas when Mum died and that made it emotionally much harder, as well as practically very difficult, with much of the government and commercial world on Christmas leave.


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