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Automated Content Distribution - ShareMacro

Posted by Casandoem on Rabu, 15 Januari 2014

Automated Content Distribution | ShareMacro
Internet marketing has just become a child's play with ShareMacro, a revolutionary new tool that automates your online marketing efforts by distributing your content to countless social bookmarking, video sharing, file download, article and press release sites. As a result, you will enjoy targeted traffic to your landing page where you can convert your visitor to your goal, be it product sales, adsense revenue, content consumption, etc.

Presenting your site or webpage to the audience of all of these Web 2.0 properties has the added benefit of getting noticed faster by search engines like Google and Yahoo due to all the targeted and quality backlinks that you can build on autopilot.

You can start submitting your content right now to sites at the Control Panel. Get Started Creating accounts is free at the moment, and submitting content requires project credits that you can buy here:

** Your purchase will be credited to the email you give on the payment form, so if you registered already make sure you give there the same email.

Lots of competitor software distributes pre generated, spinned spam that will get your website banned the next day from major search engines.

Content provided by you only, you are in total control what where and when it gets distributed. 

Many tasks are automated in ShareMacro, from project setup, registration, verification and submission.

Desktop based, you need to download it, install it, update it constantly. Does not work in all environments, such as Linux, Windows or Mac...Read More Detail

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