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3 step list building system revealed -

Posted by Casandoem on Sabtu, 04 Januari 2014

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Imagine… sitting in your most comfortable chair, typing out a 250 word email, hitting the send button and making $248.52 by the afternoon.

This is the reality for thousands of marketers in hundreds of different niches every single day of the year and I’ll share every single “nitty-gritty” detail with you in just a moment…

It’s a story that I’m pretty embarrassed to share, yet it’s one you absolutely need to hear because it reveals more about how you too can build a highly responsive list, than anything else I know… deal?

Now, I was not always a list building and email marketing expert appearing on paid webinars as a guest expert or helping people all over the world make money from their lists and certainly not in high demand like I am today. .

When I first got started online in 2004 I never made a single dime for over 2 years. I struggled the entire time and was completely frustrated… I was mesmerized by all the other people who where making hundreds, even “thousands of dollars a day so easily”.

I remember the day when I decided enough was enough… I’m going to share this story with you now, even though it’s really embarrassing. You need to know how deep down in the rabbit hole I went before I discovered the secret I’m going to share with you today.

It was late on a Friday afternoon in July, the sun was shinning, Tim and I where on our way back from the job site...

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