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The best help for morning sickness

Posted by Casandoem on Kamis, 05 Desember 2013

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If so, I have Good News! You've discovered the right place to learn how to manage your nausea, and get all the support, correct info, and encouragement you need!

After following a few basic principles and  learning some effective strategies you can avoid getting caught in the plummeting "nausea spiral" that so many of us accidentally default into.

In minutes, you can receive over 100 "Mom-tested" remedies for nausea relief and receive tips on how to best utilize these remedies. The Morning Sickness Handbook is  the best possible information you can have in your hands when you are queasy....

Reading through typical "morning sickness" sites can give you some suggestions but you can't get my exhaustive remedy list, encouragement, personal coaching and effective tips on how to use any remedy. There ARE strategies to help manage nausea.

Popular tips, like getting a certain amount of rest, using lemons, and staying hydrated can be effective. But you need to know more...

For example, staying hydrated is important, but did you know that when you drink water it's best to sip small amounts slowly over a period of time, rather than all at once? And, never drink water while eating? Colder water is better? Do you know ways to stay hydrated without actually drinking any water?

Or, you are told lemons are a helpful scent. But, did you know that the essential oil lemongrass can be more powerful than a real lemon when using it to overcome the nausea feeling? And, that synthetic lemon smells can make your nausea much, much worse?

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