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Plant care is easy – let us help you with houseplants, landscape, lawn care

Posted by Casandoem on Senin, 23 Desember 2013

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People get nervous when the daily news hammers about a shaky financial environment. Do not be fooled. People are still buying homes, investing money into their property to improve the property value. Landscaping can not only add value but also make a home easier to sell. Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. When would your […]

Buying fertilizer can be confusing, spring is when many homeowners begin their fertilizing program. Find out what you need to buy for the best for your .

When the first little bit of cool weather hits it’s a nice change from the summer heat. The problem is we forget! We forget to bring in our tropical plants what enjoyed the summer outside. The cold front got things a little more “chilled” then we expected. Now that a few days have gone by […]

Have you ever noticed when paying with cash and using a large bill the cashier usually looks at the bill to make sure it is real and not counterfeit? In fact when teaching money handlers the difference between “real” and “fake” they only show them “real” money and don’t expose them to fake. This way […]

Homemade insecticidal soap has been used for centuries in the homeowners battle to control pest and bugs on plants. Over a century ago fish-oil soap was a common solution. “Natural control” of pest is not something new in today’s green, eco-friendly world. What Makes An Insect Soap Work Some people believe there is a secret […]

Baking soda is a vital part of green cleaning and has so many uses in the house, but what...

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