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Paint color cheat sheets: most popular interior paint colors

Posted by Casandoem on Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

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You get easily overwhelmed by thousands of paint color choices out there and don’t know where to start

You can’t make up your mind, because a lot of the colors look the same to you, and you don’t know which one is right

You don’t understand why you have to go through all that trouble when all you need is a "simple" beige/gold/green/blue/etc - shouldn’t there be an easier way?

You feel like you spend more time choosing and stressing out over the paint colors than actually enjoying them

You hate it when the color that looked perfect on a swatch turns out totally different and all wrong on the walls

You would like to try something new, but afraid to make a mistake - so you keep living with the same wall colors all your life

You are tired of buying paint color samples by the dozen and all that endless sampling that leads nowhere

Your husband is starting to lose his patience and wants to know why it's taking you so long to pick a color, and when you will stop wasting money on the samples?

It's a shortcut to the best, most popular, timeless Sherwin Williams paint colors that I have personally proven, tried and tested in real life.

I called it the Paint Color Cheat Sheets™ - with the idea that now you won't have to wade through hundreds or thousands of paint colors anymore, in...

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