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Diy stained concrete floors - advice and help on staining concrete floors

Posted by Casandoem on Jumat, 06 Desember 2013

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“Most DIY Concrete Staining Projects end in a costly mess…Follow This Guide to save hundreds or thousands!”

I don’t buy any of the Core Products from Places you’ve heard off.  All the nice Pictures you see on Pinterest, they are also brands of stain you have never heard of, sold at places you’ve never been.

1. Often Advice about Staining Concrete is Jaded.  The Advice is given by someone trying to sell you their products.  So you have to ask your self, did they just help me or sale me?  You need unbiased advice from someone who doesn’t give a darn about the products being used, but by the results they produce.

2. Often on other Concrete Training advice courses, videos, and Books I’ve seen, the instructor/Author spends so much time talking about things like concrete engravers to make fancy patterns, show casing their work portfolio, and not the important things.  Now are you going to spend $10,000 + on engravers, patterns and dyes to stain your floor?  No!   Would you like to know something important like efflorescence that can ruin a Stained Floor?  Yes

3. I lot of research on how to stain concrete is done online.  The advice is given by someone that stained or tried to stain the concrete in their own home and did report on the process and outcome.  I have seen an equal amount of good and bad stories.  Although even on the posts that had a successful outcome, I often find errors in their process that will lead to a real mess in a couple of months.  Whether it’s using a...

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